each float has the pattern applied in house. if you look close you'll notice each one is slightly different. this is because of the attention to detail in making sure each and every one meets our standards and yours. made with industry leading acrylics these are sure to stand out on your rigs or ours! 

we use brand name fluorocarbon and hooks along with our in house designed floats to bring you and your target something the guy next to you simply doesn't have. compare our product to what you see mass produced in your local tackle shop and the difference is immediately clear. 

all designs are the creation of the grumpy hermit himself. yep, we have some help bringing them to life because while i can slay in the surf i cant draw a straight line to save my life. all artwork is done by small businesses and artists that catch our eye. think you can create a boss design with some of my ideas? hit us up on socials! 


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