Whats the Story???

There's not much better in life than the salty sea air, the first light of sunrise over the oceans edge, the sound of line zipping off the spool, and ending the day with the victory of fish tacos and a cold one with good company. What isn't great are zero dark thirty car rides just to make the drive home with nothing but a sunburn and an empty cooler after losing 20 dollars worth of bait... It's time there were more victories and that's what I'm here to help with!

As a North Carolina native I grew up throwing frozen shrimp and chunks of half thawed squid on the same clunky wire rigs that somehow 30 years later still grace the shelves of every tackle shop within 50 miles of the coast. What I wouldn't learn for nearly the same amount of time is that while those metal monstrosities can pull in a medium sized whale without breaking, they also stand out like a sore thumb to everything that passes it by. This isn't effective at all if your goal is to load up that cooler. It wouldn't be until I finished a career with the military, and finally had some time on my hands, that I would learn there actually is a science to consistently "catching" versus just "fishing". it all starts with having the right rigs. 

This is why I took matters into my own hands and began making my own floats and rigs in the style of the infamous "pompano" or "high-low" rig. I decided to make mine out of nearly invisible high strength fluorocarbon with razor sharp inline circle hooks in just the right sizes. This was after going down the rabbit hole and many trips of trial and error. The success I've had using these myself is what would lead to the formation of the Grumpy Hermit Company. Officially organized in 2023 we make the gear and apparel available to you so you aren't like every other fisherman lined up on the sands. You'll be the one like me pulling in fish when they aren't, and looking great while you do it. 

We are proudly veteran owned and operated and my goal is to bring you something different from the mainstream. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Try something different and see if you aren't just a little less grumpy by the end of your next trip. 


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