Grumpy Hermit Co.

Grumpy Hermit Co. Provides custom floats, rigs, and apparel with a mission of making you less grumpy next time you hit the surf!

Custom Floats

Hand painted custom designs that stand out on the shelf and in the water. Testing has shown that fish are attracted by a number of factors, one of the most important being presentation. Whether it's the natural look of a sand fleas bright orange eggs or their odd fascination with the radioactive look of chartreuse it can't be argued that an appealing display is effective. You won't find a float with the hand crafted touch ours offer elsewhere.

Custom Rigs

Like me you probably grew up using those clunky metal rigs that every gas station and tackle shop with 20 miles of the beach seems to carry. While you may catch fish when the fishing is good these are atrociously visible to fish and can leave you hitting up the local fast food joint for dinner instead of firing up the grease. Our handmade high low rigs use our hand painted floats, nearly invisible in the water fluorocarbon, and come in two inline circle hook sizes perfect for getting that hookup every time. 

GHC Apparel

You've seen the shirts and stickers that reference everyones love for sodium in their lives. You have one, your neighbor has one, heck the family of five in Utah has em' too. What you don't have (yet) is our custom designed apparel that's sure to stand out and set you apart from the crowd. Currently our launch line is available in shirts, hoodies, and decals perfect for your cooler or tackle box. Stay tuned for fast approaching limited time releases and fresh designs!


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